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First and foremost, remember this really is your daughter's day though your ideal styles on her behalf dress may differ from her style she still needs your approval! We realize that moms are apt to have the mostinfluence on the bride's decision to ‘say yes'to the dress. So MOB that one is for you.




All of us know mother knows best, but take some time to listen to what she wants, why is her feel good, and therefore makes her happy! That's what the ability is all about.


Suggest a household heirloom over wearing your wedding dress.


Wedding dresses have changed so much through the years that chances are she does not have any fascination with wearing your gown. Perhaps offering a household item, i.e., veil, brooch, earrings, etc. may be more suitable offer.


You're her rock.


She really needs you there for stability and support.  It's crucial to keep the atmosphere as calm and relaxing as possible. Wedding dress shopping is really a very emotional experience and creates an eternity memory and needs to be treated  delicately.